Fantastic reviews, top to bottom, for Chains Required at our Lair Golf and Tennis Camp! A thousand thanks, George, to you and the band for making it an incredibly great night - and a fantastic finish to this important Lair session. Please let me know if you’d be interested in returning next year - we’d love to have you.

We would be delighted to have you back for New Year’s Eve. Thank you for a great show Tuesday night.

...…love the band!

Wow! Chains Required was fantastic!...REALLY terrific band!

We saw Chains a couple of weeks ago at Courthouse Park.  And, with all the people that showed up (and danced), I was hoping that they wouldn't be on the side street again.  They're such a great band!! You made my day by putting them in the Park!

You all put so much energy and enthusiasm into performing.  I can tell you all enjoy each other and the audience.

You guys are great! Heard the end of the first set, and the start of the second.  Wow what a crowd!

The Board of Directors of the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank you for performing on our float in the Round-Up Parade. You had people dancing along the parade route and the Chamber has had many compliments on the float and the wonderful band performance.

Very nice. Clean look. Simple nav. What a band website is supposed to be. Excellent pics. Congrats on a great new website. CHAINS ROCK...

Look at the smile on your drummers face.  He looked that way the whole time and he was not smiling at anyone in particular.....just enjoying the music he was playing. He made me want to smile!!

When I hear where they're playing, I am definitely going...They were awesome...I never even heard of them until now, I did listen to them on YouTube at home.

I just wanted to thank you again for the time you guys put in on the float. You guys helped to make this the most AWESOME float the Chamber has had since participating in the parade. I had calls all weekend telling me how great the band sounded rolling along the parade route.